Brian Linse

Brian LinseBrian Linse, a construction services business owner in Portland, Oregon, is active in his community through charitable organizations, including serving as former president of Boys and Girls Clubs of Portland. After reading the terms of conservatorship, both he and his wife agreed that the government would invest in Fannie and Freddie.

Since the companies have continued to perform as well or better than any other private firms in the industry, Mr. Linse believed the government would follow the law and the terms agreed to and restore the two entities.

As a shareholder of Fannie and Freddie, Mr. Linse is disconcerted that the government continues to maintain them in conservatorship and fails to repay shareholders. Contractors, home owners and citizens throughout the United States count on the government to follow the rule of law and fulfill their obligations.

Current legislation would fail to do this and set dangerous precedent for the housing market as a whole.