Investors Unite Members Meet Director Mel Watt

Mel Watt and Investors Unite

Pictured above Director Mel Watt speaks with Tim Pagliara, Bharatish Shirahatti and Upendra Kulkarni


Tim Pagliara and Investors Unite members were able to speak with Director Mel Watt briefly after his event in Atlanta on Thursday, August 14. Investors Unite hopes that this is the beginning of a beneficial dialogue with Administration officials about the preservation of shareholder rights.

His visit’s mission, to shed light on certain Federal Housing Finance Agency programs for struggling homeowners, is not insignificant. Certainly a key component of strengthening the housing market will be proper reform of the home financing system itself. Our hope is that this mission of assisting home ownership will extend to ending the conservatorship.

Though the discussion at the town hall event promoted a program FHFA provides, Director Watt’s leadership was highlighted significantly. Aside from his extensive work on housing policy, he served 12 years on the House of Representatives Financial Services Committee. This experience is important in understanding the conservatorship. It will hopefully lead to recognition that it must end to not only restore the rule of law but to provide for continued liquidity in the housing market that enables the availability of the 30-year mortgage.

Investors Unite appreciates the opportunity to meet Director Watt and hopes that this interaction will pave the way for future conversations on shareholder rights in regard to the conservatorship. It is through this type of discussion that all stakeholders can be heard and our nation’s housing policy will be best reformed.

 To view a recording of the press conference, click here.