IU Launches New Podcast

Dear Investors Unite Members:

I am pleased to announce the Investors Unite Podcast – periodic discussions on diverse topics related to the government’s actions as conservator of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and what lies ahead for housing policy, taxpayers, and Fannie and Freddie shareholders.

The Investors Unite Podcast will feature brief but informative conversations on a range of discrete subjects with policy experts, political analysts, and legal practitioners and scholars.  It is aimed at untangling the many complex issues related to the past, present and future of the conservatorship with timely and informed insights.

As shareholders, our chief concern is the Net Worth Sweep and what we see as the government’s misuse of authority and unprecedented effort to conceal its actions. As investors pursue their Constitutional rights in court, broader questions about the role of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac in housing policy, government transparency, the functioning of capital markets, and access to affordable housing will continue to play out on Capitol Hill, within government agencies and in the nation’s courts. The Investors Unite Podcast is a new way of helping all stakeholders better understand these and other matters.

The inaugural Podcast features well-known legal scholar Richard Epstein who dissects recent developments in the effort to release government documents related to the Net Worth Sweep and the likelihood of more documents coming to light.  The discussion with Investors Unite Executive Director Tim Pagliara was recorded just a few days before the February 21 split decision by the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals that preserved Fannie and Freddie shareholders’ rights to seek compensation for losses related to the Net Worth Sweep. In subsequent podcasts, we will delve into the decision, analyze the latest thinking of the Trump Administration and Congress, and other developments that will have bearing on the future of Fannie and Freddie.

The Investors Unite Podcast can be accessed from and will be available wherever you download music and poidcasts. I invite you to start listening for the latest news and insights on what is sure to be a landmark year in the epic struggle to chart a fair and responsible course for Fannie and Freddie.


Tim Pagliara