Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac Payments Don’t Benefit Taxpayers

Value Walk,  By Glen Bradford

The Third Amendment net worth sweep does not sweep money to taxpayers. I am a taxpayer. I have not received payment from the sweep. You have not either. The Wall Street Journal and the Washington Post voice the popular opinion and have a large audience. It’s difficult to tell what’s what when what is published by reputable sources raises more questions than answers. 

You may find yourself, as I have, realizing that you are surprised by what is happening. This happens when I am wrong. This happens when the assumptions that I was using to derive conclusions were assumptions that I wished were true instead of assumptions that were actually true. If I am wrong, please reach out to me and set me right. In this case, I think that the way that I could be best put right is if I am missing some way that two of the world’s most profitable companies can be taken over by the government.

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